Top 10 for Scent

Whilst many people choose to grow the “Spencer” type sweet peas to get the big showy flowers, there are still many of these types with really good scent. Broadly speaking the intensity of scent is dependent on the colour. The whites, creams and lavenders tend to have the highest scent, followed by the salmon pinks and blues. Sweet peas in the red spectrum tend to have less scent. From our trials in Essex, we have picked these 10 to give you great scent together with large frilly flowers.

Sweet pea Alan Roberts

A new pink ripple sweet pea, with strong pink markings on the backs of the petals against a white ba.....

Sweet Pea Betty Maiden

A nicely scented white sweet pea with mid blue rippled markings - a blue flush on the backs of the p.....

Sweet pea Heaven Scent

Heaven scent is a great name for these lovely frilly sweet peas with a fantastic scent. The colour i.....

Sweet Pea High Society

A highly scented sweet pea with a crisp pink picotee around a white flower. It will produce 5 or 6 f.....

Sweet pea Judith Wilkinson

A very bold bright pink with frilly flowers......

Sweet Pea Terry Wogan

What better way to remember broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan than to grow the sweet pea variety that was .....

Sweet pea Valerie Harrod

A vibrant apricot pink, good scent and excellent for cutting......

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